Face Oil: The New Moisturizer

Before I get into all of the hidden benefits of using face oil as an upgrade to moisturizer in your routine, let’s talk a little bit about the old skincare narrative.

Every woman has been told from early on that they need a good skincare routine if they want to maintain their youthful glow.

That skincare routine can be anywhere from a 3 to 10-step process. Depending on your commitment to your routine it may be somewhere in the range of: cleanser, toner, moisturizer, serums, eye cream…and the list goes on.

But what if some of those daily steps are causing your skin more harm than good?

I’m gonna break this down before the build-up…listen closely!

The Dull-iscious Truth About Moisturizers

Our skin goes through natural cycles of shedding where our bodies naturally rid themselves of old cells so that they can be replaced by newer cells from the deeper layers of our skin. This is how our bodies naturally rejuvenate themselves.

But our modern lifestyle affects how our skin reacts to the different stressors we are exposed to on a daily basis, which reduces the ability for our skin to heal naturally.

For most people, we’ve been told that a high-end moisturizer is the best defense against aging, environmental toxins, and the declining nutrients in our foods.

But the real truth is that using a moisturizer is having the exact opposite effect on your skin. It delays the natural regeneration of skin cells, covering up the old skin cells that your body is trying to rid itself of.

It’s those cells that our skin is trying to release that get trapped under a layer of moisturizer that can give an appearance of “dull” looking skin.

Once this daily moisturizing routine is repeated, it causes your skin to look more dull and aged because of the layers of dead skin cells that aren’t able to shed away naturally.

Face Oil is the perfect replacement for a daily moisturizer

Using face oil seems counterintuitive especially if you suffer from “oily” skin or are worried about clogged pores or acne. 

But hear me out.

Face oils are adaptogenic. 

Which means if your skin is too oily, it will help your skin produce less oil so your skin is normalized. 

If your skin is dry, the oil aids your skin to quench itself with natural Omegas, and natural lipids, so that it can heal itself. 

When your skin heals itself, it can behave as the skin you were actually born to have. 

And you start to feel good again. 

Your skin glows again.

Not because we're faking it with an added translucence ingredient in a moisturizer. 

Your skin is glowing on its own because you're healing. 

Your skin is healing. 

It can be the best version of itself.

What makes Amethyst Face Oils different?

Amethyst Face Oils use a unique blend of ingredients that help to fight free-radical damage to repair the daily stressors our skin endures.

Our Face Oil is naturally rich in omega 6 and 9, a key EFA balance for restoring barrier and reducing stress, vitamin E which nourishes and neutralizes free radicals, and proanthocyanidins, naturally occurring plant antioxidants which not only neutralize free radicals, but also help skin produce its own antioxidants, so it can better protect itself with its own natural defenses.

Step into the future of skin care with Amethyst Face Oils

Although the Daily Nutrition Facial Treatment Oil does wonders on its own, pair it with our incredible Nightly AOX Micropeel (consider it an overnight facial) and ditch the old moisturizing skincare routine, allowing your skin to get back to its natural radiance.

Nightly AOX Micropeel: A game-changing nightly treatment serum that combines anti-aging retinol with smoothing and toning glycolic and salicylic acid. Plant-based ceramides help reinforce skin’s barrier to help reduce downtime and the adjustment period to retinol. 

This serum softens fine lines and wrinkles, smoothest rough skin texture, and provides even skin tone. See a transformation in your skin within 14 days without the typical downtime or “I hate it phase” associated with other retinol formulas.

Daily Nutrition Facial Treatment Oil. We designed this ultra-nourishing, lightweight, glow-inducing facial oil to immediately nourish skin with needed hydration and moisture. Made with super-rich Omega 6 fatty acid and plant polyphenols, this oil quenches the skin and immediately creates skin that is remarkably supple and soft.

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