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AGE RANGE: 35-44




Amethyst Skincare was started by a skincare professional and beauty industry veteran who has watched the changes in skin related to environmental change first hand. She was searching for answers, but didn't really find anything that fit the demanding needs of skin in an inflammatory state related to overexposure to environmental toxins. At Amethyst, we are hyperaware of the way our environment is continuously changing and felt passionate about creating a product that can evolve with our new skin needs as we progress into the future.

Nicole Simpson

1.Amethyst Face Roller

Assists in lymphatic drainage, which helps to balance and restore healthy skin function. When skin is functioning well, skincare products work better

2.Anti-Pollution Mist

Niacinamide is nature’s redness editor. Not only can it eliminate facial redness, but niacinamide reduces inflammation caused by daily pollution exposure.

3.Blue Light Anti-Aging Screen Protector

This high tech, protective daily serum is designed to shield the skin from the deleterious effects of blue light exposure

4.Blue Light Skin Protector

Blue Light is a very real cause of premature aging. This formula provides very powerful full spectrum antioxidants that help protect skin from the long term damage of visible light, especially that which comes from our devices.

5.Daily Nutrition Facial Treatment Oil

Vitamin E is a miracle-worker antioxidant shown to protect the skin against pollution, ground-level ozone, and UV.

6.Detox Mask

7.Jade Face Roller

Gently clean with mild soap and warm water as needed. Store in a clean, cool place. To get extra energy out of your crystals, we recommend placing in the sun for a few hours after you clean it.

8.Nightly AOX Micropeel

The “It-Girl” of the skincare world, Retinol is a universal anti-aging ingredient. In the AOX Micro Peel, Retinol retexturizes the skin, improves skin discoloration, and helps promote collagen production.

Nicole Simpson is a highly motivated entrepreneur and accomplished beauty veteran in the aesthetics industry. As founder of Amethyst Beauty, she proves her innovation in the beauty space with a skin care line entirely dedicated to healing & protecting the skin from environmental toxins and skin stressors. Nicole’s passion for skin care began at the early age of five years old, when she would rummage through her mother’s vanity and attempt to read the ingredients on the labels. She would obsessively read chemicals out loud and became intrigued with how things work. Her senior year of high school was the first time Nicole made her first skin care mask – a combination of aloe vera and green tea – to treat and heal her own, newly developed cystic acne. Nicole’s parents cultivated a STEM environment for her, which ultimately led her to study science. During her biology and chemistry classes, she had a chance to study her own homemade acne mask in the lab – taking it apart, she was fascinated to discover that her compound had more than 300 botanical anti-inflammatory molecules. Her steadfast curiosity & enthusiasm led her to graduate and go on to work at a major pharmaceutical company where she reverse engineered brand name consumer medications. While she was intrigued by the work, Nicole was lacking that same passion she received when she worked with skin care. In an effort to be closer to what she loved, at 24 years old, Nicole went back to school to become a trained aesthetician. .

- Nicole Simpson.