We believe that the only way to really get involved in the climate fight is to take action, so here are some of the efforts we are involved in that we believe will help make an impact! 

TerraCycle Amethyst Skincare

TerraCycle is an organization that we truly believe in. Since most beauty products are not truly recyclable, we sought after the true experts to help us be sure that our products don't end up going to landfill.  We will gladly provide a shipping label to anyone who wants to ship their used products back to us. We will the recycle all used bottles directly with Terracycle, ensuring that our pieces don't end up in the ocean.



Another organization we are obsessed with is called 4Ocean, who work tirelessly around the world to get the plastic out of our oceans. We will be supporting them by reserving 5% of every purchase made on skinbyamethyst.com to purchase their famous bracelets, which helps with the overall 4Ocean effort. 

4Ocean Amethyst skincare collaboration


To learn more, please email hello@skinbyamethyst.com.