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Award-winning formulas. Clinically-proven results. Driven by over 20 years of research, innovation, and experience. Amethyst Skincare is your trusted resource for all things beautiful skin.

There are 5 pillars of health

that are all directly related to skin health and appearance:
Daily exposure to environment and modern lifestyle disrupts the balance of these pillars, creating inflammation that causes skin damage at the molecular level:

Biohacking Beauty™

Biohacking beauty is the meaningful use of cosmetic actives to reharmonize your skin’s natural biology. Existing damage is repaired, less damage accumulates, and skin is restored to its more youthful state.
Meet AMT34: Our proprietary technology that powers Amethyst Skincare.

What does AMT34 do?

AMT34 harnesses the power of key active ingredient families and advanced delivery systems to provide the ultimate skin reset, bringing it back to healthy, youthful life:

  • Amino Acids
  • Peptides
  • Antioxidants
  • Cytokines
  • Growth Factors

AMT34 repairs your skin from the outside in, and regenerates skin from the inside out.

Amethyst Skincare gives you the instant gratification your skin craves, but also works very hard for the long term.

The way our skin ages has changed with our modern lifestyle, and critical elements, such as our lipid barrier and cellular health, have been affected. We believe that by “hacking” into your skin’s natural scientific processes, you can take back the years that our environment has stolen and place the power of how you age into your hands.
AMT34 is a restorative complex found in Amethyst Skincare products that works by synergizing with our skin’s own natural biology, promoting deep tissue healing and cellular repair.

Behind The Science


AMT34 was inspired by 2 decades of research and partnership with globally-recognized scientists and chemists who specialize in skin healing, restoration, and cellular regeneration and repair. Our founder is an internationally-recognized expert in cellular biology and skin regeneration, and applying these technologies to modern skincare and medical aesthetics.


Comprised of amino acids, peptides, essential vitamins and minerals, cytokines, growth factors, and pure, organic botanicals, AMT34 nourishes, repairs, and reprograms skin, promoting skin’s innate ability for renewal and self-repair.


In clinical trials, consumer studies, and peer-reviewed panels, our AMT34-powered products are proven to address specific concerns such as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, discolorations and age spots, skin barrier damage, rough texture, and visibly reducing the damage caused by daily microassaults from the environment.

Our Customers are Happy in Their Own Skin.

Behind the scene

Meet the Founder: Nicole Simpson

Nicole Simpson is a globally recognized aesthetician, biochemist, product developer, and educator. Known as the “formula queen”, Nicole is one of the foremost experts in the field of stem cell biology and its practical applications for medical aesthetics and topical skincare.

In a career that has spanned the globe, Nicole has led numerous research teams in the field of stem cell biology to harness powerful biotechnology that activates skin to heal itself, while regenerating cells that have become dormant and damaged due to aging, inflammation, and trauma. With cosmetic formulation as her secret superpower, she specializes on merging these incredible technologies with gorgeous, cosmetically elegant formulas that you know and love.

She created Amethyst Skincare, the best of the worlds of natural, botanical, and biologically active skincare, where you don’t have to sacrifice results for using products that you love.

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Our science is so effective that our products are not only formulated by an aesthetician, but also used, recommended, and sold by physicians, nurses, and aestheticians around the world.

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Amethyst has been known throughout history as the gemstone of youth, and is still used widely today to promote stress relief and wellness. As our founder’s birthstone, this became the name we all know and love.

Our Formulation Promise

How your products are formulated and clinically tested matters.
We use several different types of testing, including in-vivo testing on live skin, consumer studies, in-vitro lab evaluations, and peer-reviewed panels.

Results Driven

We only use meaningful concentrations of active ingredients, vetted by top dermatologists and research chemists, to give skin everything it needs, and nothing it doesn't.

Torture Tested

All final formulas tested on live skin through aesthetician and physician panels. If it doesn't meet the most rigorous standards, we don't launch it.


We choose ingredients that target the specific skin needs arising from the deleterious effects of modern lifestyle to rebalance skin health in these new and trying times.

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