Did you know that more than 85% of beauty products aren't recyclable? Even if you place them in your recycle bin, they will more than likely end up in the landfill.  Amethyst Skincare has partnered with Terracycle, and will ensure that all of your Amethyst Beauty products are completely recycled and don't end up in our oceans. To recycle your used Amethyst packaging, contact our customer service department for a shipping label. Drop it in the mail and we will handle the rest!

According to the most recent climate report, even in the best case scenario of CO2 emission reduction, our current environmental conditions will likely stay the same. Which means the pollution found in our air, water, food, and other places will remain constant.  It also means that our skincare needs will continue to evolve.  Deeper care needs to be taken to mitigate the effects of inflammation linked to environmental damage.  Amethyst Skincare is committed to being your partner for healthy, beautiful skin for the long term, no matter what comes.

Skin by Amethyst will donate 5% of every purchase from our website to 4oceans, an incredible charity that works hard every day to remove plastic from our oceans.  We can't have a healthy planet without healthy oceans.