Amethyst Skincare was started by a skincare professional and beauty industry veteran who has watched the changes in skin related to environmental change first hand. She was searching for answers, but didn't really find anything that fit the demanding needs of skin in an inflammatory state related to overexposure to environmental toxins.  At Amethyst, we are hyperaware of the way our environment is continuously changing and felt passionate about creating a product that can evolve with our new skin needs as we progress into the future.



We believe in balance, and choosing the right ingredient to treat skin and help restore and maintain skin health. In our formulas, you may see a mixture of organic, natural, and synthetic ingredients. These are blended at the right concentration and pH to ensure three things:

  • Penetration and absorption into skin
  • Ability of each ingredient to do what it says it will do
  • To provide advanced environmental protection where other products cannot

We clinically test all of our final formulas to ensure that they do what we say they will do.  Nourish your skin on the inside, the results will show on the outside.

All of our formulas target mechanisms of damage and aging related to smog, pollution, chronic stress, UV exposure, chronological aging, and most importantly, digital aging.

Most of our products will have natural ingredients and something with a smart, bio-techie edge, much like our founder! 



We don't use any parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes or fragrances, or known allergens or irritants in our formulas.  Our skin is stressed enough without them. 


While the beauty industry as a whole has a long way to go to reduce our environmental impact, we are reducing where ever we can. We have chosen to avoid plastics in every possible way by using glass containers and recyclable cardboard. 

Did you know that more than 80% of beauty packaging today is not recyclable, even if it is made of recyclable material? The majority of it ends up in the landfill. If you send us your finished packaging, we will recycle your used Amethyst packaging for you through our AmethystCares program.  To further ensure that we are keeping plastics out of the ocean, we will reserve 5% of each purchase on our website to support 4ocean and their incredible efforts to keep our oceans clean by purchasing their bracelets. 


Nicole Simpson is a highly motivated entrepreneur and accomplished beauty veteran in the aesthetics industry. As founder of Amethyst Beauty, she proves her innovation in the beauty space with a skin care line entirely dedicated to healing & protecting the skin from environmental toxins and skin stressors.

Nicole’s passion for skin care began at the early age of five years old, when she would rummage through her mother’s vanity and attempt to read the ingredients on the labels. She would obsessively read chemicals out loud and became intrigued with how things work. Her senior year of high school was the first time Nicole made her first skin care mask – a combination of aloe vera and green tea – to treat and heal her own, newly developed cystic acne.

Nicole’s parents cultivated a STEM environment for her, which ultimately led her to study science. During her biology and chemistry classes, she had a chance to study her own homemade acne mask in the lab – taking it apart, she was fascinated to discover that her compound had more than 300 botanical anti-inflammatory molecules. Her steadfast curiosity & enthusiasm led her to graduate and go on to work at a major pharmaceutical company where she reverse engineered brand name consumer medications. While she was intrigued by the work, Nicole was lacking that same passion she received when she worked with skin care.  

In an effort to be closer to what she loved, at 24 years old, Nicole went back to school to become a trained aesthetician. However, because of her background, she approached skin care differently – rather than just going through the standard steps, Nicole listened to each skin’s needs and found that when she gave the skin what it needed, it healed itself. When she transitioned to medical aesthetics, Nicole’s career catapulted to a new level. Besides her reputation among clients, Nicole captured the attention of top doctors who invited her to educate their staff on her effective skin care approach. Her career took another turn, when a rep for the Pierre-Fabre brand, Glytone, encouraged her to move into the education side of skin care in order to inspire and share knowledge with other aestheticians and dermatologists. 

During her time as Head of Education, at Glytone, Nicole trained some of the biggest names in dermatology today. 

From there, she moved on to become the AVP of Global Education and Business Development at SkinCeuticals/L’Oreal. There, Nicole led and managed all international business development and education initiatives for the brand across 37 markets.  

During her corporate career, Nicole was an aggressive world traveler – spending lots of time in Europe, Asia and South America – and as such, she observed firsthand the imbalance of the world. When she traveled to places with heavy pollution, like Beijing, her skin would have adverse reactions to the pollution and toxins.

“The beauty industry is a big contributor to that [pollution] – sourcing to countries like China & India because of the cost,” says Nicole. “We need someone to lead the charge and get real with consumers.”

Nicole attributes the creation of Amethyst to a dream she had. When it comes to formulating skin care, she went back to her roots to develop a formula that actually works, and helps the skin heal itself from environmental toxins and stressors. Overtime, all the free radicals (AKA inflammation) and toxins exposed to the skin build up, because the body can only neutralize itself and heal its skin cells at a certain pace. When that accumulation happens, skin cells oxidize causing harmful reactions as severe as skin cancer. As the environment continues to change rapidly, Nicole strives to offer products that can help consumers augment their current skin routine & products, to ensure the skin is fully covered and protected from the declining environment. 

Just like the Amethyst stone is known for its healing properties, Amethyst Beauty skin care is designed to heal the skin by restoring the skin barrier while also arming it with the basic needs to neutralize all the environment’s free radicals. Additionally, the brand aims to be environmentally conscious and avoids plastics as much as possible. They will offer a recycling program, allowing consumers to send back their packaging who will give it to Terracycle for proper recycling.

While she is a Florida native, Nicole, and her family, currently live in Los Angeles. Nicole continues to remain passionate about educating on the science of skin and helping medical aesthetic practices thrive through business development strategies. When she isn’t working, Nicole enjoys skiing, hiking, and philanthropy. Nicole’s expertise has been featured nationally & internationally in MedEsthetics, Modern Aesthetics, Cosmopolitan, Femina, Singapore Business Times, SkinGurus, Athens Daily Review, Elle Norway, Elle China, Elle Colombia, Allure Hong Kong and The Today Show, among several others.